You have the ability to put an end to the embarrassment and humiliation of premature ejaculation. It can all end right here, and it doesn’t require buying into some crazy techniques, purchasing weird creams, pills, and condoms, or any other shady tricks.


What we offer in Ejaculation Pro is a time-tested and proven solution that is guaranteed to completely eliminate premature ejaculation over time.


The great thing about our system is that it focuses just as much on increasing your stamina.


That’s why we’re calling it Ejaculation Pro! You won’t just not have to worry about the embarrassment of PE anymore, but you can also count on your stamina increasing at an incredible rate.


It's true…you will be an Ejaculation Pro yourself. And when you can do this, you can last long enough to please any woman.
And when you can please any woman, you can keep any woman.


Put an end to the stress, anxiety, and embarrassment of premature ejaculation.


Take the reigns and get back your self-confidence now!   



To start, we have helped hundreds of thousands of men over the course of the past couple years with a startling success rate of nearly 99%!


This is because the research that went into the development of Ejaculation Pro is thoroughly based on medical findings that have been reviewed and approved by professionals in the medical field.

It is an all-natural, safe, and highly effective way to eliminate PE, increase stamina, and become an all-star in bed…

All of this in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Many of our satisfied customers have reported incredible increases in stamina in just a few days. Although everyone is different, it is not uncommon for a guy who usually lasts only a couple of minutes to be able to last at least 20 minutes by the end of the first week.

Many guys report results even more impressive than this.

And what's great is that they're not even thinking about premature ejaculation anymore.

They're just thinking about how they're lasting so much longer and giving their wives and girlfriends the orgasms of their lives…

Because, you see, thinking is the key.

Too many guys out there underestimate the critical importance of how mental and psychological activity play into this problem.

This is a major area of what we address in Ejaculation Pro.

It’s not just a matter of “willing” yourself to not have premature ejaculation anymore.

There are specific methods and techniques that have worked for hundreds of thousands of guys over the course of several years.

And the success rate is literally amazing…It WILL work for you too.

Before we get going too fast… let me have you take a look at a few facts that relate to premature ejaculation…

Over 30 million men suffer from premature ejaculation in the U.S. alone
Over 70% of women surveyed said their partners did not last longer than 5 minutes on average
Over 85% of women recently surveyed said it takes at least 15 minutes to orgasm from penetration alone
3 out of 4 women respondents claimed that they are more attracted to a man who can outlast them in bed
Premature ejaculation is a psychological problem for well over 95% of the men who experience it (it can be cured)
67% of women claimed they rarely if ever had an orgasm during sex
There are physiological indicators that prove that a woman who is with a man who can please her sexually on a consistent basis with stay with him, and in fact, develop a certain kind of sexual “addiction” to that man

These can be some pretty scary facts…but the truth is that there is hope…


Most men who have PE don’t even realize that they can get rid of it.


It’s sad, but they think they’re just stuck with it forever.


And what happens when this mentality sets in? Things get worse. The guy gets even more embarrassed and probably decides not to do anything at all.


This is when the worst case scenarios come in…when we’re talking about a woman you really love leaving you or cheating on you simply because you cannot please her in bed.



There’s no need to be afraid. I’m just trying to make you see this from the right perspective. Premature ejaculation does more than just affect people’s sex lives.


It can destroy awesome relationships and marriages. It can tear down a man’s self-confidence and self-esteem.


But the reality is that is simply does not have to be this way.


With Ejaculation Pro, you will learn every technique and method necessary to last at least 45 minutes in bed every single time.
You’ll be able to give your wife or girlfriend multiple orgasms and you will never have to have the anxiety that goes along with wondering whether or not you’re going to be able to please the woman you’re with.


If this sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because you’re like me and got burnt on a bunch of rip-off’s in the past.


Don’t give up hope! There truly is a time-tested and proven system that guarantees results with an incredible 99% success rate.


Ejaculation Pro is that system.


Before I explain further about how Ejaculation Pro is different than other “solutions” on the market, and why it has such an amazing success rate, take a listen to what some of our recently satisfied customers have emailed in to say…

Success Stories

“I was skeptical because nothing I tried had ever worked…”

“I was one of those guys who was just plain too embarrassed to ever really try to find out why I had PE. As a result, I tried just about every quick fix out there, and wasted a lot of time and money in the process.

It wasn’t until I came across the factual information presented in Ejaculation Pro that I began to understand the real problem. I was the biggest skeptic of all, but now can’t believe how I ever lived with that level of stress, anxiety, and humiliation in bed.

With Ejaculation Pro, I now regularly last over 30 minutes…sometimes closer to an hour, depending upon what kind of mood my girlfriend is in. My life has totally changed and I have confidence that I never thought possible before. If it can work for a skeptic like me who had just about given up, it can work for anyone.

Thanks for everything.

Paul A., London, England


Success Stories

“I never worry about how long I’m going to last anymore…”

“Going out with my friends and meeting women was the scariest thing in the world for me just a couple months ago.

I recently found Ejaculation Pro, put the methods to work right away, and now I’m stress-free. I don’t have to worry about having an orgasm 2 minutes after I start having sex with a woman anymore. It was ridiculous. I felt so humiliated. So finally I decided to do something about it.

Just last night I lasted over 40 minutes and probably could have gone even longer. My girlfriend always has two or three orgasms and says she’s never felt “that way” before.

Thanks for offering real advice and a solution that actually works for once.”

Tony P., Indiana, U.S.

Success Stories

“It’s all about the mental game…"

“I just assumed that I was cursed with PE and that I’d never be able to keep or please a woman. That was the trend. Who would want to stay with a man who can’t please her?

When I ready Ejaculation Pro, I realized that I had dug a deep hole for myself many years ago. I just assumed there was nothing to be done and didn’t realize that my mental game was the biggest part of the problem.

It is the way Ejaculation Pro specifically teaches you to address these areas that make it easy, effective, and if you’re like me, life-changing. You’ll start to see, and most importantly, feel results right away.

I’m a married man who is all of the sudden in a happy and fun relationship again.

Thank you sincerely,

Ogden R., Sydney, Australia

Success Stories

“Went from lasting 2 minutes to over 30 minutes in less than 2 weeks..”

“The thing that surprised me most was how fast I started seeing results. All I can say is this works. I was too embarrassed to even admit to myself how bad the problem had gotten. I thought I was too young and that something must have been wrong with me.

Ejaculation Pro taught me that millions of other guys go through the same thing and that there are ways to get rid of PE and increase your stamina. But you can’t just think your way out of it…that’s where guys make it even worse.

Ejaculation Pro gets it right, that’s about all I can say. The proof is in the pudding. Couldn’t be happier.


Everett G., United Kingdom


Success Stories

“Ejaculation Pro saved my marriage…”

“I’m not even exaggerating. That’s the whole reason I’m writing in.

Me and my wife had virtually no sex life and it affected every part of our lives. We didn’t spend any time together and had grown apart. It even affected the way we interacted with our kids.

I was constantly worried she was cheating on me and that she would end up leaving me when the kids left the house.

That stress and worry alone was probably the worst part of all this. The fact that we had no sex life almost became secondary. I didn’t realize that saving our sex life would actually save our marriage.

We have never been happier in our marriage and it’s all because she’s finally getting the pleasure she wants and needed. She’s floating around, asking me for sex, and I have self-confidence that I have honestly never had before.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Jeffrey C., Colorado, U.S.


These are just a few letters of thousands we have received from men whose lives have been changed by putting Ejaculation Pro to work for them…


The important thing to take away from these success stories is that these men finally made a decision to do something about their PE.


They got to a point where they finally decided to get serious about it and do something.


This is not easy to do. It’s understandable to feel self-conscious about something as serious as premature ejaculation.


Every man wants to please the woman he is with and feel like the man, strong, and confident.


When you don’t have the confidence to last as long as you want in bed, you have that constant companion of worry.


Will I only last a couple minutes? Can I get to 5 minutes? Is there any way I can give her an orgasm my fingering or rubbing in case I cum early?


These are the kinds of constant thoughts that steadily make PE worse for me.


In Ejaculation Pro we show you exactly how to address both the physical and psychological aspects behind what causes premature ejaculation.


We also show you precise techniques and methods for increasing your stamina to over 45 minutes on a consistent basis.


You will become natural at outlasting your partner and giving your wife or girlfriend multiple orgasms.


And as we discussed before, we’ll also delve into the psychological aspects of makes a woman “addicted” to a man who can give her the kind of sex we’ll teach you to give.


It’s all inside the pages of Ejaculation Pro


We will teach you how to…

Increase your stamina to last at least 45 minutes on a consistent basis within 60 days or your money back
Eliminate premature ejaculation permanently (we show you methods and techniques that address the problem for long-term success)
Give your partner multiple, ecstatic orgasms every time you have sex
Identify the triggers, both physical and mental, that lead to premature ejaculation
Understand the psychological “game” behind what makes women attracted to a certain kind of man (the Ejaculation Pro who can make her orgasm every single time)
Do the right kinds physical exercises that lead to permanent results (many other “quick fix” programs cause more physical harm than good and can actually decrease stamina)
Eliminate the stress, anxiety, and humiliation that goes along with worrying about not being able to please a woman due to PE
Increase your sex drive and sexual appeal (you will notice these almost instantly and even complete strangers will notice your high level of self-confidence)


…And Much More!



Forgive me if I’m really straightforward. It’s just that, only a few years ago, I was one of those guys that were constantly in a state of fear and anxiety because of my PE. I was also too embarrassed to do anything about it.


After losing some important relationships and spending years wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work, I just decided to start shooting straight.


So, a couple weeks ago, I’m out with a group of my good friends. One of them shares a hospitality suite with some of his co-workers at our local basketball arena.


We were partying, had food and beers in, and were having a great time. The whole time we’re looking over as this group of unbelievably hot women are staring over at us, pretty much asking for us to invite them in.


I didn’t hesitate for a second. I grabbed one of my buddies by the arm (he happens to be the most outgoing of our group) and we walked out of the box to go get these women.


Long story short, we end up having them and all their friends into the suite, order tons of drinks, and take them out to a club after.


From the very start I noticed one of them eyeing me up, so I went over to offer her a drink. It went so well, so fast, that we didn’t even stay long at the club.


We went back to my house and within 15 minutes I had all of her clothes off and she was literally writhing with pleasure.


About an hour later and two sessions of the best sex I’ve ever had, she’s laying there saying, “how did you do that?”


It’s weird, even with how direct I’ve become, to hear myself say that. Just a couple years ago, I would turn friends down because I was afraid to hook up. What would happen after? I knew I couldn’t last more than a couple minutes and I had completely lost my self-confidence.


Then I found out exactly what I needed to do to get it all back.


I know what you’re thinking…too good to be true. Too perfect…


But isn’t that the attitude that’s holding you back and keeping you right where you are, constantly worrying about never being able to please a woman you meet.


The whole reason I was able to get this woman to begin with is because I already knew what I was going to be able to do with her if I got her home.


Once you get rid of all the worry and stress, you start focusing on just wanting to have sex, like when you’re really young and first start to be attracted to women.


Then when you’re thinking like that and also know that you can absolutely kill it every time, you develop a self-confidence and aura that is addicting to women.


This is what we teach you to achieve in Ejaculation Pro. It is a time tested and proven system that gets results, guaranteed.
But you can’t just will yourself to getting rid of your PE. You can’t just think yourself into being able to last for at least 45 minutes every time you have sex.


There are very specific techniques and approaches that we teach you in Ejaculation Pro that produce permanent results…
That’s right! They get rid of PE forever.


We have developed an easy and highly effective solution for PE that has been thoroughly examined by professionals in the medical field. Don’t go it alone. You don’t have to.


There are millions of other men suffering from PE at this very moment.


The good news is that Ejaculation Pro provides an all-natural, safe, and guaranteed way to get rid of PE for good.


No more anxiety. No more embarrassment. No more humiliation.


If you’re dead serious about eliminating your PE, increasing your stamina to over 45 minutes regularly, and being able to please any woman you meet, read on…



It’s difficult to put the benefits into words, especially after reading thousands of letters and emails from all over the world from guys whose lives have completely been changed putting our program to work for themselves.


Men who had given up all hope that there was a solution to their PE have seen amazing results.


We regularly hear from guys who, within just a couple weeks, go from lasting only a couple of minutes to the 20 to 30 minute range. Also, they’re not just having sex, they’re giving their wives and girlfriends multiple orgasms.


It is possible to increase your stamina to over 45 minutes regularly within 60 days, regardless of your size, age, or current stamina.


All you have to do is follow the precise methods and techniques in Ejaculation Pro.

They worked for me and hundreds of thousands of other men, and they WILL work for you as well.

Here Is A List Of Just A Few Of The Benefits from Using Ejaculation Pro:

An almost immediate increase in stamina (guys who regularly last 2 or 3 minutes regularly double their time the first time and last over 15 to 20 minutes within the first week)
A complete reset of your mental game. Regain your self-confidence and know that you can please any woman any time
Get rid of the anxiety, embarrassment, and humiliation of PE. Don’t every worry about your wife or girlfriend cheating or looking at other guys again
Instantly increase your sex drive and sexual appeal (we will teach you exact methods to make women “addicted” to you because of the sex you regularly give them
The know-how to outlast any woman and give her multiple, screaming orgasms
Techniques for thrusting, rubbing, massaging, and more that will instantly enhance your sexual experiences and dramatically increase her pleasure
Mental techniques for keeping your game at the highest possible level
Breathing exercises to do during the first couple weeks of the program that will instantly yield results
Ways to actually increase the strength of you erection through proper exercises and controlled thrusting techniques
An understanding of how to use combinations of sexual positions so that you can last as long as you want without losing any pleasure and also give her multiple orgasms
A complete understanding of the exact things women want and DO NOT want during foreplay (these methods will have her begging for you before you even begin penetration)
A physiological and psychological explanation of the mental “triggers” that make women become addicted to men who fulfill their sexual needs

And so much more…


The reason I decided to develop Ejaculation Pro is that I was one of the guys who had just about given up hope.


Then, I found a fact-based approach that takes into account the critical importance of the psychological aspect that causes PE.


As I explained earlier, premature ejaculation tends to get worse for guys who continue to ignore the problem, whether it’s because they’re just too embarrassed to deal with it, or simply because they don’t know where to find help.


This is because every time a man has an embarrassing or humiliating sexual experience, it makes the problem even worse.


He starts thinking that this is something he just can’t control. Then he starts thinking that he’s never going to be able to please a woman because he hasn’t been able to in the past.


It’s even worse if you’re in a serious relationship with someone you really love.



Let’s be honest, if you have to wonder whether or not she is having an orgasm, she probably isn’t.


And the disturbing truth is that over 86% of women recently surveyed admitted they do not confront their men about sexual problems because they don’t want to “embarrass them” or “make the problem worse.”


And I can understand that. Women are sensitive creatures. They don’t want to tear down their man’s self-esteem, especially when she already knows that it must be in the tank.


But you need not lose hope. Why would you when there is a proven system that has offered a real solution to hundreds of thousands of other men with an incredible success rate of nearly 99%?


You shouldn’t have to constantly worry if your girlfriend is checking out other guys, wondering if they could give her the orgasms she wants.


You don’t have to lay there in bed, wondering if she is thinking about how she’s ever going to find a guy who can make her orgasm.


I have seen nearly broken marriages saved because guys stepped up to the plate and decided to get rid of their PE once and for all



If you are at the point where you are absolutely ready to say goodbye to premature ejaculation forever, then it’s important you read on.


Some of the rip-off’s on the market do far more damage than good and can lead to serious side effects.


There is a reason why Ejaculation Pro is the #1 solution for premature ejaculation.


There is also a good reason why Ejaculation Pro has a success rate of nearly 99%.


It is because it works. It worked for me and it can work for you.


The reason I decided to work with professionals in the medical field to develop Ejaculation Pro was because I saw the immediate results on myself, and then with my friends who were more than willing to try it when I shared my own success story.


The further we went along, the more confident we became that we could literally help any man who was finally ready to eliminate the stress, worry, and embarrassment of premature ejaculation from their lives.


But then we saw that the program not only eliminates PE, but also has the ability to increase stamina dramatically. It was regularly turning normal guys into heroes in bed.


How is this possible?


You need to understand that well over 95% of all men who suffer from PE do so for mental reasons. It may sound too easy, but it’s not.


There are deep-seated mental aspects that need addressed, and no guy should have to do it alone.


That’s why I developed Ejaculation Pro. So you don’t have to waste the time and money I did before solving my problem with PE. 


Some guys read this and may think, well if it’s that easy, I’ll just believe I can last for 45 minutes tonight and give my girlfriend three orgasms, and that’s that.


Well, go ahead, give it a try, and tell me what happens.


I know it’s possible to eliminate PE, increase your stamina, and blow away and woman in bed.


But I also know that the only way to get there is though conditioning the body and mind in the appropriate way to achieve maximum and permanent results.


That is exactly what we teach you to do in Ejaculation Pro.


So be very cautious of anyone promising results through weird methods like the “stop and start” (which is proven to make PE worse), pills and creams that can damage your health, or expensive medical treatments that aren’t necessary or effective.
The bottom line is that there is a proven, highly-effective, and amazingly inexpensive way to eliminate premature ejaculation for good, increase your stamina, and be able to please any woman you want any time.



Our goal is to transform your sex life into what you have always dreamed. What we’ve found out is that this crosses over into every other part of your life.


You’ll be a happier person and have a better work life, social life, and sex life.


This is what happens when you get your self-confidence back.


Just listen to what a recent customer wrote to tell me:


“I tried just about every “quick fix” out there with no results. I thought I was doomed to a minute-man forever. It wasn’t until I found Ejaculation Pro and realized that it is a process that I started to see results. I realized I wasn’t alone and that all I had to do was follow the guide, step by step, and I would continue to see results.


I went from lasting 2 minutes tops to over 20 minutes in under two weeks. My girlfriend looked at me in a completely different way. We’ve been having sex all the time and she is happier than me, if you can imagine that. Forget the gimmicks, stick with what works.


Thanks a million!


Paul B., Minnesota, U.S.


So even after reading about how hundreds of thousands of men have enjoyed success with Ejaculation Pro, I’m sure you still have some questions.


That’s completely natural, especially if you’re like me and have burned before.


The question is whether or not you are really ready to finally get rid of PE and end the misery that goes along with it for good.
First of all, we make it absolutely affordable for everyone.


By now you’re probably wondering how much something this life-changing costs.


I can tell you that I personally spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, on “treatments” and “solutions” over the years.
I went to doctors and therapists and bought just about every fluke product on the market before I found something that actually works.


When I saw the amazing impact it was having on so many guys’ lives, I decided to make Ejaculation Pro available as an eBook for anyone to download.


And it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.


I am offering you a permanent solution to PE, a solution that will change your life forever, increase your stamina, and allow you to bring any woman to multiple orgasms.


What kind of price tag can you put on that?


What kind of price tag can you put on getting your self-confidence back? Not having to worry about your wife or girlfriend ever even thinking about another guy?


Priceless, right?


You can save yourself the years and money I wasted by acting on Ejaculation Pro today.


Not only are we not charging hundreds of dollars, we’re even offering Ejaculation Pro at a discounted rate than what we usually charge.


When Your Order Today You Will Get Instant Access To Ejaculation Pro For Just $47... Click Add To Cart Below Now



This is less than what it costs to take your girlfriend out to dinner.


And what’s going to happen when dinner is over and she wants to get frisky?


Are you going to be able to make her squirm and scream with pleasure?


How long are going to last in bed? 2 minutes? 5 minutes. That’s enough to please her my friend, not even close.


Doesn’t it make more sense to not wait one more minute, so the next time you are in that situation you’ll be ready?


Usually we charge $199 for Ejaculation Pro, but as a part of this limited-time offer, you can get it for just $47 when you ACT NOW.


But that’s not all.

When you purchase Ejaculation Pro today, we’ll also throw in Free Bonuses valued at over $85..



Stamina Pro (valued at $49) is a virtual quick start guide that can be used as a companion to Ejaculation Pro in the first couple of weeks.


This exciting, step by step guide will show you how to last over 15 minutes the first night!


There is not only a way to end premature ejaculation, there is a way to attack it…


Stamina Pro is the perfect complement to Ejaculation Pro. It breaks down ways to begin seeing results right away, as it addresses the mental aspects of why PE happens.


In Stamina Pro, you’ll find out how to not only eliminate the causes of PE, but also begin to build a program for enhancing your overall performance.


This is the kind of stuff that turns average guys into heroes in bed. And when you give your woman this kind of sex, she’ll never even think about another man.


Why would she when she’s having multiple orgasms every single time you have sex?



The best thing about this free companion is that it is packed full of information that you can apply right away to instantly improve your stamina and overall sex life.


There are extensive explanations of positions and combinations of positions that easy to apply, but that will have your woman screaming with pleasure.


And you don’t have to thrust too slowly or lose any pleasure. Quite the opposite.


She’ll wonder what’s gotten into you, and you’ll have regained your self-confidence and manhood again!


This is a must-have guide for those guys who not only want to last for at least 45 minutes every time they have sex, but also give their women the best sex they’ve ever had in their lives.


All of this when you ORDER TODAY for just $47…



But don’t wait, because we are not able to keep this promotion going for long.

It is my sincere desire to bring the guaranteed results of Ejaculation Pro to as many guys as I can.

I know what it’s like to live in the shadow of PE, always worrying about not being able to last in bed. Always wondering if you’re going to be able to keep a woman…

Worse, if your woman is cheating on you or thinking about leaving you and not even telling you about it.

These are tough things to think about, but the good news is, you don’t have to go through the same things that I did before I finally got the help I needed.

Ejaculation Pro is the only time-tested, proven method for eliminating premature ejaculation with a startling 99% success rate…

And we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of guys to get back their self-confidence, and as a result, their sex lives.

Ejaculation Pro walks you through the physical and mental exercises and techniques necessary to get rid of PE for good.

The key is doing it the right way the first time so that you don’t waste time or money, or even worse, damage your health or ability to have sex.

I wish I wouldn’t have wasted the years that I could have been having fun, being carefree, and knowing that sex could just be fun and fulfilling.

Now, I have the sex life I have always dreamed about and I KNOW that you can too!



That is why we also offer a 60-Day, Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee with Ejaculation Pro.


You heard right. If you are not completely happy with the results within 60 days, email me and I will refund every penny of your money with ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS asked.


We are too busy around here helping hundreds of thousands of men eliminate their PE to worry about the 1% who returns the product or doesn’t use it to begin with.


So, the deal is, if you are not completely satisfied with the results, let me know, and I’ll refund every penny of your money with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


I am so confident that Ejaculation Pro will work for you that I have no problem offering the ironclad guarantee.

We have been offering it for years. It is backed by our 99% success rate amongst a huge number of satisfied customers.


Your Privacy is Our #1 Priority…

That’s why when you order Ejaculation Pro today, you will instantly receive your eBook, while your bank statement will simply read “ClickBank”, the name of our secure processor.

The pain and humiliation of PE is enough to deal with. And trust me, I know what it’s like to feel embarrassed and helpless.


Your order will be processed discreetly and instantly over a secure, encrypted processor. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.



There’s not only hope, there’s a program that GUARANTEES RESULTS with a 99% Success Rate.


That system is Ejaculation Pro, and today is your day!


Here’s to your success and happiness.



P.S. Guys, I know this is a huge decision. But it won’t make itself. You have the opportunity to avoid what I went through for years…worrying, stressing out, never having fun and fulfilling sex. You don’t have to go through that.
I decided to publish Ejaculation Pro as an eBook because I knew it could help any guy regardless of size, stamina, age, or anything else.


If you are not having an amazing sex life, then act now.


You can have Ejaculation Pro for yourself when you ORDER TODAY for just $47.


Ejaculation Pro is the #1 Leader in eliminating premature ejaculation.


It is the only time-tested, proven system that has helped hundreds of thousands of men with a 99% success rate. You could be next.


Order Today and last 45 minutes every time you have sex. Give your woman multiple orgasms and regain your self-confidence.


It’s all inside. There is a way and you’re not alone.


Best wishes!







This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old. Jeffery Penzer is not a real name, but apen name used by the author to protect privacy.